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Customised and multi-user application for the management of technical manuals. Its simple and user-friendly interface allows the dynamic composition of documents and their automatic processing without disrupting your current management and filing system. We assess your documentation and prepare a free demo to make you appreciate the advantages and performance of the TdEditor.


Application which allows you to manage and look up translation memories and glossaries, simplifying the interaction among the users involved. MemoryCase is essential to create an accurate corporate communication for an advanced terminology management.


Application that ensures efficient project and time management. It’s a valuable tool to best coordinate the relationships with clients and external suppliers.


Application which allows you to manage and share the workflow, documents and administrative aspects of each purchase order. It’s a virtual space to improve professional relationships.


Customised application that makes the management of Adobe InDesign files automatic, optimising the processing time.

Doc Viewer

Application which optimises the search and look up time of PDF documents.

Organise and simplify the management of your technical documents!